Popcorn Machine Use Instructions


1) Plug in the power cord from the popcorn machine.

2) Switch On the Light/Warmer..

3) Place Popcorn Kernels and oil into the cooking Kettle and then lower the magnetic lid.

4) Switch on the Popcorn Kettle Heater.

5) Switch on the Kettle Stirrer.

6) Let heater warm the oil. CAUTION LID AND KETTLE WILL BE HOT

7) After a few minutes the Popcorn will start to pop. The Popcorn will force the lid to lift.

8) Switch OFF the Kettle Heater once popping slows.

9) Lift the lid using the handle and attach to the Magnet in the roof of the machine. CAUTION THE LID WILL BE HOT

10) Turn handle on kettle in a counter clockwise to empty all of the remaining popcorn into the serving tray.

11) Serve your popcorn with the scoops provided.

12) Repeat to continue making more popcorn.

13) Keep the Kettle and Stirrer switched off when not making popcorn.

Once the Machine use is completed unplug from mains.